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HUB Arts Classes

HUB arts classes are continuing throughout the month of January. Be watching the facebook page for details on the next classes that will be offered.

HUB floor!

The HUB floor has arrived and was installed on January 11, 2020. Come and check out the floor! 

Inside the Hub!

See a first hand look at a view from inside the HUB under the 35’ peak. The picture just doesn’t do it justice! Come check

Roof Work Begins!

The steel work is complete. The fabric roof has began to be installed.

The Steel Arrives!

On November 18, the steel has arrived on site and is ready for installation. Tomorrow the construction crew will arrive and the building will begin

The Pad is Forming!

On the week of November 5, 2019, concrete trucks continued to arrive on site. In less than one week the entire pad was poured and

Building a Foundation!

On the week of October 21, the final excavations were done and concrete began to arrive! There are some 60+ yards of concrete under the

Clearing of the Land!

On September 3rd and 4th, the tree removal process began. This land was cleared to be the new home of the HUB at PF!

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